Welcome to the Gemini website

The Gemini studs are run by Craig, Rosalie, Emily and Chloe Mitchell on Riverview, a 420 ac property at Werneth, Victoria. It is a family run property fully dedicated to the production of modern prime lamb sires that will give a positive and impacting genetic benefit for clients.

We have a strong focus on structure, lambing ease, high growth rates and higher yielding capabilities; functional and highly productive sheep.

All this is supported by objective assessment (aimed at achieving high and verifiable breeding values), the latest DNA technology, plus the highest health status you can achieve in Victoria.

We are lambing down approximately 400 ewes annually, giving us over 600 lambs to select from. The male portion is classed back to 200 sale rams, with the very best of these being offered in our two annual on-property sales (October and February).

Enquires are always welcomed.

Gemini Prime Lamb Studs - White Suffolks